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Beta Kappa Kappa Chapter
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Bro. David Brown, Basileus

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Chapter History


Beta Kappa Kappa Chapter was founded in High Point, North Carolina on July 23, 1994. Brother Floyd Greenwood spearheaded the inception of the chapter.


For many years Omega men living in High Point had a vision of organizing a chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. that would serve the community. High Point is internationally known as the Furniture Capital of the World. Although its population is around seventy thousand, during the twice a year event, the population doubles to around one hundred and fifty thousand for eleven days. This influx of population created many transitions for Omega Men with the vision of organizing a chapter. Through perseverance, Brother Greenwood was able to bring together interested Omega Men with a willingness to start a new chapter.


On November 15, 1993 nine Omega brothers met to discuss the possibility of organizing a chapter in High Point. The meeting was held at the home of Brother Greenwood on Lauren Place. Under the leadership of Brother Greenwood the brothers voted to begin the process of filing for a charter.


On April 25, 1994 the application process for the chapter charter was completed and mailed to the international headquarters. Copies where also mailed to the Sixth District Representative, Brother Lonnie Holman and to the First Vice District Representative Brother John Scott.


On June 24, 1994, Brother Greenwood held a telephone conference with Brother Holman in which he was informed that the chapter application would be presented to the Supreme Council at the 1994 Grand Conclave in Cleveland, Ohio. Brother Greenwood attended the Conclave to defend the application, if necessary. However, no clarification of the application was necessary.


On August 10, 1994 the brothers received a letter from The Executive Director, Brother John Epps, informing the brothers of High Point that the Supreme Council had approved the chapter application for High Point. The official date of the chartering was July 23, 1994. The Supreme Council assigned the chapter Name “Beta Kappa Kappa #881.”


On August 20, 1994 the first official meeting of Beta Kappa Kappa Chapter was held at the home of Brother Greenwood. The brothers elected Brother Greenwood as Basileus, Brother Menefee** as Vice Basileus, Brother Wilson as Keeper of Records and Seal, Brother Washington as Keeper of Finance, and Brother Alston as Editor to the Oracle.


The September 15, 1994 meeting of the chapter was held at the home of Brother Washington, on Burgess Rd. in High Point. This was the first formal meeting of the Beta Kappa Kappa Chapter. Four area brothers joined the chapter at this meeting: William Alston, Carey Ford, Demetrious Gooden, and H. Milton Stowe**.


On January 21, 1995 the charter ceremony for Beta Kappa Kappa Chapter was held at Showplace on the Park in High Point. Sixth District Representative Lonnie Holman presented the brothers with the charter. The keynote speaker was the Grand Keeper of Records and Seal, Brother Robert Fairchild. Dignitaries and invited guest included John Knoddole, Chairman of the Guilford County board of Education, Susan Mendenhall, Member of the Guilford County School Board, Dorothy Kerns, A Guilford County commissioner, and Becky Smothers the Mayor of High Point.


On March 18, 1995 the chapter held its first Talent hunt Program at High Point University. O’Nicholas Lindsey, a 17 year old senior at Southwest High School was the winner.


On April 29, 1995 the chapter participated in a special initiation ceremony of 12 men into the fraternity. The new brothers where initiated into Mu Epsilon and Beta Kappa Kappa Chapters. The chapter’s first initiation was held on November 11, 1995 when the “Fab 5 +1” were initiated. Kevin Johnson, Ronald Weatherford, Jimmy Scott, Charles Chapman, and Lewis L. Burton III became the charter line, along with Donnell Wilson who was initiated at a later date.


Meetings were held at the homes of brothers through 1996 when the chapter outgrew its meeting places. Under the leadership of Brother Christopher Bailey, the chapters second Basileus, the chapter began meeting regularly at the Carl Chavis YMCA, they elected its first Assistant KRS and Assistant KF. The chapter also held its first Spring Formal-"An Evening with the Que". The program was a grand success and continues to be the chapter's greatest attended function.


**=Omega Chapter